Over the course of the past six days I have clocked up 100k on my bike. In the period from being born to seven weeks ago I don’t think I’ve cycled 100k in total, so this is a pretty big achievement. I’m proud of myself.

I finished the 100k, with a short 11k jaunt today, in the French Lot Valley. It’s really beautiful and I felt really lucky to be taking on the air and the views on two wheels. I love the solitude of cycling. Though cycling with people is also great fun, I greatly enjoy the freedom of mind that solo cycling brings. I don’t have to censor my thoughts or worry about them, I just let them wash in and out as they please. I find it meditative.

I was discovering the steepness of the local hills today, and stopped near to the bottom of one because I was all too aware that I needed to get back up it. Had it not been for a ride last week where I was pushed to undertake a hill that I would have never attempted unprompted, I firmly believe I wouldn’t have made it today. But I did have that experience from last week and I knew what to do, and more importantly that I was very much capable, so LC was set into her low gears and we just kept going. It was hard and my legs hurt but the mental strength brought about from my past achievement made it just a matter of time til I reached the top.

The mediaeval village at the top of the hill was a treat and I felt privileged to cycle, peacefully and quietly, around its narrow streets. It was so beautiful and I felt so very grateful to be able to experience it, just me and my bike. It was elating and I just felt very alive and in the moment.




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