Injured pride vs. injured hamstring

Yesterday I did a double kettlebell class. I just wanted to work hard and sweat and I certainly did. However, it was hurting my back and my trainer noticed and suggested that I reduce the weight of the bell. I refused, unwilling to swallow my pride. I pushed through, ignoring his (fairly strong) advice.

Today, my left hamstring is hurting in a way that isn’t DOMS (which I have pretty much everywhere else). I’m icing and resting it, and I’m hoping it’s just a little overworked and will get better with a couple of days off. I’m hoping this is a warning and nothing more.

If it is an injury that will be no training for me for a good while – no running, no cycling, no lifting – none of the things that I’ve come to find I love doing. And all because I was too stupid and proud to take a lighter weight that no one would have even noticed or cared about.

Idiot. It wasn’t worth it.


One thought on “Injured pride vs. injured hamstring

  1. I used to be like that too.

    What you need to do is think “am I the strongest because I do this weight? No? Ok. Am I the weakest because I do this weight? No? Ok. So I’m just ridiculous for having to convince myself to be reasonable? Cool, cool…”

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