Proof that you can do the seemingly impossible with a bit of hard work, focus and determination.

I agreed to aim for a triathlon at Blenheim Palace in 2015 because I’m motivated by goals. But honestly, when I first agreed to it, I felt that I was really just humouring my trainer. I didn’t really believe that I’d ever complete the event but it didn’t hurt to aim for it. I started 1×1 swimming lessons, and a running program (C25k) and continued cross training.

At some point, and I don’t recall what triggered this, but belief kicked in and I started to think that I had a chance of completing the 750m swim, 20k cycle ride and 5k run in 8 months time. The training started to take on another meaning, I was now working towards something that I had a fighting chance of completing. Self-belief really helps, but I still don’t have enough. I’m working on it.

I saw a triathlon in London advertised and I was able to register for  super-sprint just because I thought it would be really cool to swim in the Serpentine.

One day I did a spin session and rode hard for 50 minutes before heading downstairs and hopping on the treadmill for 5k. It was OK. It was hard, but OK. That was the day I first mentioned “Olympic” because I thought I had it in me (1.6km swim, 40k cycle, 10k run). I registered for an Olympic triathlon at Eton Dorney in September 2015 a couple of weeks later.

Then about 4 weeks ago I had a wobble. I had a conversation with my trainer in which I expressed my disbelief that I could complete the Blenheim triathlon, or any other triathlon really. Who was I kidding? Triathlete? Right. What. Ever.

Then, this week, I turned up to my local gym at 6am. I swam for 750m. I cycled on an exercise bike for 20k. I ran/walked on the treadmill for 5k. Sprint distance triathlon achieved! 8 months earlier than I was targetting, and just 4 weeks after I’d sworn that it was absolutely impossible.

I’m so proud of how far I’ve come, though I sometimes forget that. But my achieving this feat is also pretty uncomfortable in some ways because it’s forcing me to reject self-beliefs that I’ve hidden behind for so long. “I’m not fit”, “I’m not active”, “I can’t run”, “I’m too overweight”. It’s impossible to achieve what I have and hold onto those beliefs. They are mutually exclusive. So the beliefs have to go, because the achievement is done and won’t change.

I can no longer argue “I can’t do this” because I just have.

What have you achieved that you thought was impossible?


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