When I Smashed All The Things I Thought I Used To Be

Leadership-and-personal-transformationRecently I referred to “the Old Me”. The me that stayed in bed until the last possible minute and ate ketchupy bacon sandwiches for breakfast. That was the Old Me, and whilst I dabbled with being that Me again this week, it isn’t Me anymore.

My focus on fitness development and clean eating has resulted in much more than weight loss and a healthier body, though it is definitely doing that. It’s resulted in me challenging and overturning some negative beliefs that I held about myself, and developing into a fundamentally different person. Of course I’m still me at the core but I’ve thrown out some really unhelpful beliefs about myself and replaced them with a much more positive identity.  

There was a time, at the start of the journey, I was The Old Me trying on new ways and habits for size. After all, the original deal with The Trainer was “three months to see if anything sticks”.  Then, and I don’t know when or how it happened, the new ways and habits became the new normal and slowly but surely this New Me emerged.

The choices that I make – to make time for physical activity, to invest time and money and effort into my health, to eat optimally – are no longer especially conscious choices. They have become my new normal, my modus operandi, my way of being. 

My referring to “The Old Me” in such a confident way was a milestone in my journey as I acknowledged the transformation. It’s not over, and there will be challenges and struggles ahead, I’m sure. But I smashed all the things I thought I used to be and learning to deal with unique challenges and interesting obstacles is just part of the continuance of my becoming, more and more every day, Me.


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