In Which I Remember What All This Is About

Sometimes it’s easy to get caught up in all the grown-up stuff when you’re right in the middle of a (cliche alert) journey like this one. It is very easy to take oneself a little too seriously and get tangled in numbers and targets and goals and injuries and forget why, really, you’re doing all this anyway.

My son and I spent three hours exercising together today. Having planned to go swimming together, he said he would prefer to ride his bike. I suggested that we cycle to the pool and back again, so that we could do both. He asked if we could run at the end to make a proper triathlon out of it. I can’t even say what that means to me. More than any weight loss or dress size or weight lifted or running time.

I grew up, as we’ve seen, not exactly having the most positive relationship with activity possible. I think most parents generally want better than they had for their children, and whilst I can’t deny that I’m most certainly, and unashamedly doing this purely for me, my close second biggest reason is so that my son doesn’t have to go through what I did when I was growing up and beyond. I want him to know activity to be fun, not tortuous. I want him to find moving around easy and joyful, not hard work and embarrassing. I want him to choose to be active rather than choose to hide. I also want him to have a mum that doesn’t need to make excuses when he wants to get his bike out, a mum who can keep up with him when we’re splashing around the pool, a mum who shows him how it is done and proves that being active is just part of a normal, healthy lifestyle.

So when I get to spend a few hours with my boy cycling, swimming, running, chatting, motivating each other, celebrating together and just enjoying being out there doing something, I remember what this is really all about and that makes getting back to the grown-up stuff just that little bit easier.


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