The Road To Paris Starts Here…

If I say this fast it might feel less crazy … In 2016 I’m going to ride to Paris from Oxford/London (to be determined!) in 24 hours.

No, it didn’t work. It’s not any less crazy! It’s a big massive goal for the following reasons:

– I’m still classed as obese

– Until today my average speed was 16kph. It’s at least 308km … so that would take me roughly … oh a week or something!

– Until today I couldn’t eat or drink whilst riding a bike

– Riding is probably a bit of a nemesis for me, though I do really enjoy it. Until very recently I just really disliked that I was so slow at it.

Anyway, nothing motivates like a crazy goal so I’m off to Paris in 2016.

I intend to record some of the journey to Gay Paris on this blog. I want to remember the journey for myself, and I want to let others know that it doesn’t matter what size you are, or shape, or fitness level or anything really. If you want something bad enough you can #makeithappen. I’m also embarking on this adventure whilst being treated for PMDD which has induced a chemical menopause. That brings it’s own challenges and I desperately want to make my mark in cyberspace so that someone who might be suffering with horrific PMDD like I did might stumble across this and know that you can still do amazing things and there is hope.

Training started in earnest this week, with two interval sessions on a spin bike at work. The first one I managed just 30 minutes before the negative self-talk convinced me that I was entirely useless and couldn’t carry on. The second one I enjoyed a full hour, largely thanks, I’m fairly sure, to a way more positive internal conversation. The power of psychology really can’t be underestimated.

Unfortunately, PMDD reared its ugly head again this week. The Zoladex injection is currently administered monthly, and sometimes, when it is due, symptoms seem to reoccur somewhat. I’m sad that The Trainer took the brunt of this episode during a training session, but I’m pleased that the episode seemed short lived and much less severe than pre-treatment.

Then I got up at 4.15am on Saturday morning to drive to Oxford to ride with The Trainer. We were aiming for a 20km time trial to see exactly where I am right now so that we could calculate meaningful and effective targets. Having had a prior best average speed of about 16kph I wasn’t that hopeful that anything exciting would happen, but I am absolutely astonished at the difference that riding with someone better than you can make. I set a new PB of 20km in 1.00.25, so my speed was 20kph. That feels like quite a huge jump, and I’m really pleased. Means I can’t plod around slowly anymore, I know now that it is possible to be faster.


Getting out on my bike today reminded me that I do enjoy riding, even when I’m pushing myself, and I’m keen to get out and do more of it. Good job really!


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