Thinking Doesn’t Get You There

I’ve been known to think a lot and I may have been guilty of over thinking once or twice. For pretty much every hour I spent in the gym I might have spent 2 or 3 hours mulling it over, considering whether I could have done better, what did it all mean, what might I do differently next time. It takes A LOT of energy. And I’ve come to realise – it doesn’t help one little bit!!!
A few months ago I was complaining to a friend that I could do a full burpee. I could step out and jump in, or jump out and step in but not the two together. And certainly not link them. And in a recent HIIT class I found I was doing linked full burpees. When I started this journey over a year ago I did a fitness test type thing. The Trainer told me to get down on the ground and get back up again as many times as i could in a minute. Couldn’t even use the burpee word for fear of freaking me out. I did it, with lots of knees and painfully slowly. Later I learned the burpee word and added in either a jump back or in. I managed a full burpee tabata at a CrossFit class. And now I can link full burpees and have done a few 100 burpee challenges.

None of this was caused by my thinking about it, by ruminating about how good I was at burpees or berating myself for my uselessness. The only thing that helped was my keeping turning up and keeping trying and working on general fitness, strength, coordination, balance, endurance, flexibility. My thought processes did not help and in fact they often hindered. They took up time and energy and effort … and the linked burpees were going to happen in the fullness of time anyway!

As a CI professional I hate waste in all its incarnations and over thinking is possibly one of the biggest wastes I’ve encountered in the past year and almost certainly even longer.

Be wary of over thinking – it just doesn’t help!


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