Living In The Now and Some Progress

In a bid to gain a but of much needed balance I’ve been trying to be a bit more mindful, and focus on the present rather than the past or future. The Inner Critic, it seems, thrives on twisting up the past and future which reduces presence, and thus performance, in the now. So actively trying to be very present in the present (haha) is helping quiet my Inner Critic down.

Today I made a list of all the reasons that my planned ride to Paris in 24 hours is just the pure definition  of craziness. It’s considerable.

  • I’m terrified of downhills on my road bike
  • I’ve never used cleats
  • I’m 30kg overweight
  • The most I’ve ridden is 50 miles
  • I’m not good with lack of sleep

On the plus side I like croissants and can speak a bit of French. Hardly compensates!

But then I realised – my worrying or panicking about what might be in the future doesn’t help at all. The only thing that it is helpful to do is focus on the now.

Am I doing everything I should be RIGHT NOW to make this happen? As long as the answer to that is a yes then I’m good. I have an expert cyclist Trainer who has set out a training plan for the now. I follow the plan when I’m meant to – no more no less. I eat clean. I rest when I should and respect the need for relaxation.

As long as I keep doing what I need to in the Now – the future will take care of itself. My spending energy on it just detracts from my hard work now and thus jeopardises future successes. Don’t think too far ahead! Or ahead at all!

And progress happens regardless of my thoughts. Last year I was lucky enough to take a morning spin through the vineyards to Chateauneuf du Pape. It was near the start of my journey and I felt grateful to be able to do it. This year, camping in the same spot, I was able to repeat the ride. Progress

 Really chuffed with the increase in my average speed! I haven’t focussed at all on cycling this past year and this has happened so I’m comforted that with some focussed training Paris might not be as ridiculous an idea as first imagined…


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