An Event I’m Really Excited About

Serendipity. Recently I was talking to a fellow fitness blogger – Lisa from FatGirlFit (great blog, highly recommended) – about my Paris 24 ride. Lisa is planning a 24 hour Newcastle to London ride (she is truly amazing). We talked about sleep deprivation being a killer and both agreed we’d need to train with a couple of night rides to prepare for that.

Then, I was sitting out yesterday evening, on holiday in Spain, searching for events for 2016 when Google brings up this: The St Crispin’s Day Night Ride.

100 miles from London to the village next to where I live and back again. Starting at one minute past midnight!

Now given that the list of obstacles I need to tackle before Paris include ‘never ridden more than 50 miles’ and ‘never ridden at night’ this ticks a couple of boxes and just has to be done!

With the ride advertising cake and wine (not to be consumed en route apparently) a required minimum speed of 6mph (which even I can manage) this ride seems like it’ll be a relaxed and friendly affair. Perfect for my first century ride!

This proves a point: there was me worrying about taking on a super hard century sportive but there was no point. This event popped up at just the right time and rather than feeling anxious I feel excited, rather than feeling worried I feel ready. It’s perfect and it made itself known all without me worrying!

Can’t wait to report back that I’m officially a Centurion!


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