Conquering Fears

There are little way markers on any journey that are worth recording and remembering, although in the grand scheme of things they are tiny.

Last night I walked 4km along the coastal path from La Fosca to Castell beach. It was my husband who pointed out the amazingness of the trip on two counts. Firstly there was a not so distant time when I wouldn’t have gone on a walk at all, certainly would not have suggested it and I would have been physically incapable of a 4k trail with a reasonable amount of ups and downs. Last night I enjoyed it and it wasn’t too much exertion at all, apart from sticky heat that made it feel harder.

Secondly I have a big phobia of heights and words like “coastal path” or “cliffs” have had me scarpering in the  opposite direction pretty quick. But last night I got brave and enjoyed the views.

Here I am – near an edge!


Castell beach was worth a visit. My husband holidayed there as a child with his parents so it was poignant for him to return with his son. And it’s a beautiful beach. I watched two dogs playing in the waves and chasing sand. 


There were also some amazing beach houses en route, white with brightly coloured woodwork. So pretty!

I shared the walk with a few bitey insects which made me cross and itchy! See – cross and itchy!!


Anyway it was nice to have a little reminder of how far I’ve come in a short space of time and lovely to have quality leisure time with my boys.


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