Death Of A Shoe

Death of a Shoe

There is a hole in the toe of my beloved Nano’s. They will be replaced with a fetching black and purple pair.

But what a life this shoe has lived.

This shoe completed my first sprint triathlon at Blenheim Palace with me, achieving something I thought impossible and the culmination of months of hard work.

This shoe was there when I was willing to try something new and did my first box jumps.

This shoe was with me when I took 8 whole hours to do 47 miles of some of the worst hills I’ve ever known at the Black Legend sportive, and it was still there at the finish when I got the first medal I’ve ever got in my whole life.

This shoe was in the locker when I was having swimming lessons to learn front crawl, something I’ve wanted to do for at least five years.

This shoe went with me to Reebok CrossFit Reading and it finished it’s first ever WOD in a CrossFit box. It also was there when I took on Diane and won with The Trainer at The Training Room.

This shoe has been soggy with mud, blood, sweat and tears in varying amounts.

This shoe accompanied me and my mates when I lead them out on their first cycling sportive, me feeling all experienced and calm.

This shoe has been there at 5am when I’ve trained early and it’s been there at 10pm when I’ve trained late, and it’s been there for every session in between.

This shoe has #madeithappen and I shall continue it’s legacy.

RIP Nano.


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