Blenheim Rematch

Blenheim Triathlon 2016

This time in 2014 The Trainer wrote a plan for me to achieve my goal of completing the Blenheim Triathlon. The first point was to enter the event by the 31st December 2014. I did it a little sooner, but at the time that I did, I honestly did not believe that I stood anywhere near a chance of actually achieving it. I really thought that I was donating the best part of a hundred quid to whichever company runs it, and I wouldn’t get anything in return because really, was I ever going to make it? On several occasions through 2014 and into 2015, right up the event itself, I would tell myself and The Trainer and anyone who would listen that “I’m doing Blenheim, well, I mean I’m going to try but I doubt I’ll finish…”

And tonight I saw that early bird entries were open and the first thing I did was sign up. Not because I was told to, or I had to do it to meet any objectives, but because OHMYGOSHICANNOTWAITTOCOMPETEATBLENHEIMAGAIN!!! I was quite pleased with my swim last time, even though I did it mostly breaststroke. Goal for 2016 is to use more front crawl. The bike was super tough and I walked up a hill on the 3 laps of the “undulating” route. That was the only point throughout the whole thing when I really had words with myself about why on earth I’d ever thought it was worth a go. Next time round I will ride it all and do some pretty stunning things to my time – because when I do it in 2016 I’ll be just a month away from riding to Paris in 24 hours so my speed will be at least an average of 25kph. I think it was about 10kph this year. The run (walk!) was lovely because it was nearly the end and I met a lovely lady that I’m still in touch with. Aim to run the whole thing next time but it depends on my dodgy knee.

And I want another of these …

Blenheim Medal

And I really want another one of these!!! Hugs are better than medals! (Except my son doesn’t seem to think so – see how chuffed he was!)

The Trainer Hug

Really, the difference in my attitude and self-belief in a year is nothing short of incredible.

Then, looking backwards – a year ago I attended a coached swim session with my triathlon club, Thames Valley Triathletes. I found it really, really hard and to be honest, it put me off attending again. I didn’t feel fit enough and I wasn’t confident enough in my stroke. So I went away and did lengths and lengths and lengths of training.

And tonight I finally felt ready to go back. I am so glad I did. Tonight was a great workout but at no point did I feel out of my depth (pun intended). I got some great tips and learned some new drills that I can build into my training when I’m alone. Friday nights are definitely swim nights! The roof was off the building, so in effect we were swimming outside, but the water was lovely. And the jacuzzi afterwards was even lovelier!

All in all – looking back and looking forwards – it all looks good!


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