A Year Of Smiles

When times are tough it’s really hard to remember the good times, but I was looking at some pictures of the past year or so and the photos suggest that there have been a whole load of good times too.


Break during the 50 mile sportive
Received upon return from 50 mile sportive
On my back after my first 100 burpee challenge
Coming out of the Blenheim swim, smiling!
This was the first pair of trousers I wore to train in – they weren’t quite so loose at that point!
After my second ever triathlon, in the gym
Sure I was smiling under there somewhere!
CNDP cycle
Got me to Chateauneuf-du-Pape!
Smiling after my first ever triathlon in the gym
Smiles on a bike ride
Did my first 5k run/walk session

4 thoughts on “A Year Of Smiles

      • Really? That´s really impressive…
        I guess it´s the time I don´t have…
        But, you know, I think I´m going to use the rest of the year, the 10 weeks left, to train for a half marathon! I just need a plan…
        Thanks so much for your nice comment! It means a lot… I really should get my butt moving..

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