PMDD Treatment or “Don’t Always Trust The Internet”

The Internet is fantastic, but it’s not always right. Whilst many of you who have stumbled across this blog for reasons of it’s fitness related content might not be so interested in this post, but I have to do my bit to put the internet a little bit more right.

I am booked in for a Bilateral Salpingo Oopherectomy in December, which means that both of my ovaries will be removed. There is no 100% guarantee of a cure, of course, but it’s ‘tvery totally likely because:

  • Ovaries produce hormones
  • My body/brain doesn’t react well to the fluctuation in hormones and it appears as PMDD
  • Zoladex chemically shuts down the ovaries
  • Zoladex makes PMDD symptoms disappear or at least vastly improve

PMDD is all about the ovaries!

When you keep your womb you have to take progesterone as part of your HRT add back therapy, to stop the womb lining overgrowing and turning cancerous. I have a Mirena IUD that provides a localised and constant source of progesterone that does that for me. There is no cyclical fluctuation, it just sits there doing it’s thing and over 6 years it doesn’t seem to have caused me an issue.

Now, I am part of some online support communities. What could be worse than a bunch of hormonally unstable women getting together online I don’t know, but there aren’t a lot of other choices, because PMDD isn’t really that well understood.

I was upset recently when one of these groups advised “The only way you can cure PMDD is to remove the womb, cervix, fallopian tubes, and ovaries. It’s the progesterone that causes PMDD so if you still have to have it you will still have problems”. Can you imagine being at your lowest point, and then someone saying what you thought would cure you wasn’t going to work?!

I am lucky to have access to a good consultant, so I was able to meet with him to put my mind at rest. He confirmed what I already logically knew – that removal of the ovaries was all I needed to be free of this bloody awful disease. There may be other reasons for other women to have full hysterectomy (TAH/BSO) but they don’t apply to me. So I’m going into my operation confident that it will work and I’ll be starting 2016 a new me!

I wanted to get this out there because, believe me, I’ve spent some long and depressing nights desperately searching the Internet for information/hope/guidance on PMDD and there isn’t much of it out there. What there is often talks only about hysterectomy, not oopherectomy. I wanted to do a little thing to rebalance that.

So if you’re suffering from PMDD, please know that it can be treated very successfully by just removing the ovaries. Obviously everyone’s situations will vary and require different things, but please know that this is possible.

And in 2016 I’ll post with a happy update about how my BSO has been a success and I’m PMDD free!


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