Active Family & Beyond

My head might be getting bashed by the horrors that are PMDD, but it’s official: Bike Riding Makes You Happy!

Today I was very proud of my family. My son rode his bike to the local Junior Park Run event, ran 2km without stopping to walk/rest, and rode his bike back again afterwards. It was a great Zone 1 training ride for me, so everyone wins!

Then my husband and I went out for a 25km blast whilst littlest was at a party. Zone One is great (especially for it’s fat burning capabilities) but it’s just nice to put the foot down occasionally and really feel the wind in your hair (or helmet, in my case!). It’s about three years since we’ve ridden together alone, and honestly, rides out used to be a torment. I couldn’t keep up with the fast one, which was frustrating for both of us. stravaSo the comment “Lisa Jane, you’ve come a long way. The training is working” today made me really happy. It wasn’t so long since, a few weeks maybe, since The Trainer said that I should try to ride with my other half more since he was just a bit faster than me and it’d push me along. However, I was sitting right on his wheel today and sometimes braking, we were really well matched with me a little bit faster if anything. It seems that the narrow window in which he made a good training partner has passed!

And lastly, I read this post from a fellow fitness blogger today. She is training for a half marathon, and has been at least partially inspired by my story. How cool is that? I’ve gained so much from my journey that I particularly love to spur others on. Not only that, but I know how lonely it can be – to be the one ordering water in a pub, or just eating salad, or saying no to cakes, or not socialising because you’re training instead – so it’s lovely to have this community of folks who understand the choices you are making. I’m actually super jealous of someone who can run, especially after the amazing Junior Park Run today where nothing would have made me happier than being able to run with Number One Son, but it’ll come. I’m inspired to get back on my kneehabilitation program, if PMDD is preventing me from doing too much hardcore stuff, I’m pretty sure I can work on my glutes. So Little Miss Sunshine seems to have inspired me right back!! 


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