2015: A Year Of Extremes

I wasn’t going to write a “reflections on the year” post but 2015 was so .. well, weird … that it felt wrong not to record it in some way.

In January 2015 I realised that PMDD was having an impact again. I had to live with the huge ups and downs until May when I started treatment which caused its own problems. For the last quarter of the year I’ve limped through until I got to December 15 when I got my permanent cure – way more difficult and significant than I expected but I’m recovering every day and I’ll soon be back to full strength.

I truly had some of the darkest times that I can imagine and it was the hardest year I can remember in at least the past fifteen.

Against this background it seems ridiculous to also think that in 2015 I completed my first 3 sprint triathlons, a smaller one, and a team event. I did my first sportive – alone – and 3 more after that. I bought a wetsuit, learned front crawl and swam 4k in the Thames. I completed a 5k run in a tutu. I achieved my years focus at Blenheim when I crossed the finish line, alone but smiling. I learned a lot about my resilience, learned I can do pretty much whatever I choose with training and time and had some giggles along the way as well as hatching a plan to ride my bike to Paris. I started this blog, inspired some people, met some incredible people and got a Distinction in my Certificate of Applied Management.
It’s been the best of years and worst of years all at once and it has paved the way for 2016. Funny old one – years like that can’t come around that often!
226241-I-ve-2016-Is-Going-To-Be-Ridiculously-AmazingIn one of my lowest points I rejected a phonecall from a concerned friend, and I sent a text of explanation saying “I don’t have words”.

Once again I don’t have words – but this time its because I can’t say how excited and hopeful and positive and confident I feel about 2016. I can’t wait for the new me to get on with an even more awesome year.

Don’t know if I’ll top this year’s achievements but I’m going to have the most fun trying.


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