Failing to Plan Is Planning To Fail

They say that setting goals, and making them public significantly increases your chances of success so what better way to start 2016 off on the right foot than to create a plan of the events I’m going to be doing and then publishing it here!



I have a big year ahead!

I have events in every month from March to September, with a holiday break in August. Not bad at all, and means I had better get training.

In 2015 I tended to enter events as I went along, but this meant that I often didn’t consider how temporally close they were to each other and it meant that I missed some of them. One of my goals for 2016 is to attend all the events I sign up for! Last year, events were both nerve wracking and exciting as many of them were ‘firsts’ for me. This year I’m a little more experienced and whilst I might miss some of that frisson of something new, I’ll enjoy being more confident and being able to focus on the sport of it, plus, most importantly, on enjoying myself!

I made myself laugh earlier when I was struck by the dominance of swimming and riding in my plan. Well, duh, I’m a triathlete (with a dodgy knee that prevents running) so it makes perfect sense that I’d be focussing on these two disciplines. I still forget sometimes, I’m actually a triathlete!

And yet, just one triathlon this year – The Blenheim Palace Triathlon is likely to be my A Race for some time. Having proven in 2015 that I can complete a triathlon, in 2016 I’m planning to break the event down into its constituent parts and focus on them individually. All that is missing is the run, but my dodgy knee prevents at the moment and I have de-prioritised fixing it. In 2017 and beyond, I’ll be able to put the gains made in each discipline this year into practice when I focus on triathlon again, not forgetting my desire to complete an Ironman distance of course!

Journeys like this are so interesting as you watch them unfold. Last year I learned that I really quite like swimming, and that has now refined itself further into two directions. Firstly, I especially love open water swimming and secondly, I’ve developed a fondness for long distance swimming. This year sees me complete a series of swims in the River Thames – a 4k, 6k and 10k. This fulfils my love of both open water and long distance. One training event for this series is a 5k swim in a pool. It’s 200 lengths, or 20 sets of 10, and I’m confident. I won’t be fast but I will finish it. So, by the time I get to the 4k river swim in June, I’ll be even more sure that I can make the distance and I’m aiming to improve my time over 2015. I need to work on my sighting to avoid adding unnecessary distance!

Cycling is also prominent, thanks mainly to my crazy-ass intent to ride to Paris in 24 hours mid year. To do this, I have to be able to maintain an average speed of 25kph. I’m currently at about 19kph so a little way to go but I noticed last year that when I train hard and consistently progress comes quickly, so I’m not ruling it out yet. Worse case, I won’t make it to Paris, but I will certainly be quicker on the bike than I was last year, so no harm done whatsoever.

Best hit the gym, this plan won’t happen on its own, but I certainly can #makeithappen!


3 thoughts on “Failing to Plan Is Planning To Fail

  1. That’s a fantastic event list – I think I prefer it to my list of race entries… can we swap?

    If you’ve the opportunity to add more open water swimming to your event list, I’d strongly recommend any of the human race swims at Eton Dorney. They’re really enjoyable and as you can follow the underwater ropes, you don’t have to worry too much about sighting!

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