Why I Do What I Do …

… Because I just absolutely love it.

Yes, eating well and exercising has health benefits. It helps me lose weight, keep flexible, keep my heart and lungs strong, have more energy and feel good in myself.

But apart from that, I just love it.

Having spent a month off training recently, I’ve lost a bit of fitness and a fair amount of confidence. I decided this morning though that being paralysed by these facts wouldn’t help reverse them. Getting on and getting back to it, starting where I am and being OK with that, is the way to turn it around. So I dressed in lycra, filled my water bottle, launched Zwift and climbed onto my turbo trainer. I plugged in my headphones and for the next hour there was nothing else in my world but me, the music and my bike. I love sweating. I love feeling hot and out of breath.

Hot and sweaty selfie

Having spent the first six months with The Trainer not really feeling that these things were less than acceptable, I’ve now embraced them fully! I don’t care that I am probably less than aesthetically pleasing in lycra. I don’t care how I look or how I sounded when I whooped with relief and delight when I finished the sprint section of the course round Watopia.

I love the fun of chasing down the avatars in front of me, of trying to get my speed just right to draft off the rider in front of me, of setting PRs on Strava segments.

This started as a 12 week game to see what might happen. Then it was until I completed Blenheim Triathlon. Now we’re 18 months in and it’s what I choose to do because it’s fun. I swim and I ride and I lift weights and I do HIIT because it’s fun.

Find what you enjoy, and do it!


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