Nothing is forever…

Have you have been ill and felt like you’d never get better? When you’ve had a cold for a few days and it feels like you will never breathe easily again and your life is now doomed to be surrounded with soggy tissues?

This thinking in extremes happens around other situations too, and I realised today that I was doing it and how inaccurate this thinking is.

I’ve undergone some major changes this year, and I’m still setting up new routines and processes. Last year I used to train regularly at home, at work and at the pool. Thanks to my operation and my new circumstances I haven’t been able to fit this training into my new schedules as yet. I did manage a really great turbo training session on Sunday which I thought was the start of more consistency, but then on Monday I woke up with a stinking cold and once again can’t really train.

This morning I found myself panicking that I would never get back to training as frequently or consistently as previously. NEVER. EVER. Not next week, not next year, not ever. Based on what evidence? The fact that I haven’t trained regularly or frequently in the past 7 days, whilst all this change has been going on. It’s hardly a huge dataset! All this past week means is that I haven’t trained regularly or consistently in this past week. It doesn’t mean anything about what might happen in the future. It’s fair that training tomorrow is unlikely thanks to my being under the weather, and maybe next week won’t be 100% either, but the further away from today we get the less data I have. What is clear though is that the absolute I WILL NEVER GET BACK TO IT is unfounded. In fact, the fact that I’m thinking about it and feeling a desire to get back to more regular training makes that statement less likely to be true. And if I’m thinking a statement that is unfounded, I could swap it for an equally unfounded statement “I will get back to a satisfactory form of training at some point soon”. I’ve got more reason to believe that as I have the negative form, so I’ll take the positive, thanks!

I’ll get there eventually, and there are great reasons behind my current “slacking off”. I’m trying hard to be patient and gentle with myself but it is tough because we are so conditioned to think in absolutes. Beware of “always” and “never” and for me, I’m looking forward to some awesome training sometime really soon!




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