I Made It

I made it. The holy grail. Something that I thought would never happen, that was out of my reach. I got there, and I love it.

Normal PT sessions with no negative self talk. No disruptive behaviour. Just a lot of hard work and sweat and a decent amount of fun. I’ve used new machines that would have freaked me out before, and I’ve done battle ropes despite my flappy arms. I’ve impressed my PT with the fact I do proper burpees, not half versions using a box. I tried a V sit even though I didn’t think I could, and I did 30 seconds of it which I was impressed with. Is that good compared to loads of others? No idea, but it’s good for me. I’ve been weighed and measured and calipered and it was all fine. I’m excited about repeating the measures in a couple of weeks to see what has happened. I push hard and I don’t give up. I don’t need events to make me think I belong so I won’t be doing too many this year. I’ve set a goal of achieving a size 10 and I  know I’ll make it. Might be slower than it would have been last year because I’m also working, being a wife and mum, and a student but I will get there.

So much has changed and I’m so grateful to the folks who helped me get here. The ones who are no longer with me, the ones who are, and the new ones who are helping me continue to develop to potential.

Perhaps my blog now becomes less the story of the PMDD’ish, neurotic, nervous girl taking on and achieving amazing things and becomes more the menopausal, working mum training hard, eating clean and fitting it all in. Nothing is different, and yet everything is different. I’m excited to see where the journey goes next!


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