Hunter’s Challenge Day 1

Now that I don’t have PMDD struggles and everything is just … well … normal, I was wondering what would happen with this blog. But I’m still on the journey from Size 24 to Size 10, and to Fit and Strong and to building a sustainable healthy lifestyle, so there is still a story to tell.

My lovely new PT, Kim, has advised that I need to focus on a few areas in order to meet my goals:

  • Eat more frequently. Work has been so busy that I’ve been guilty of getting to 3pm or so without lunch … eek. Gotta sort that.
  • Drink more than 2l of water a day
  • Train at least 4 times a week

So I’m starting today with a Sunday morning turbo trainer bike ride. There is a set of workouts on Zwift called “Hunter’s Challenge”. Designed by Hunter Allen of Peak Coaching Group, “This plan is designed to improve specific areas of your energy systems by utilizing a mixed bag of workouts including cadence drills, tractor pulls, power pyramids, Threshold/V02 Max and FTP training.”. It’s a great benefit of technology that I am able to access training plans designed by experts, so I started today. cadence details

My natural cadence is slower than it should be, around 70rpm, so it was good to work at as close to 90 rpm as I could today. I had to get off during the warm up to stretch as my hip flexor was tight, and I still haven’t mastered drinking whilst keeping up cadence so there are a few blips, but generally I was pleased with the output.

Cadence Crusher

I don’t think I’ll be doing the whole 28 days back to back as I have PT one day a week and also believe in the requirement for a rest day, but I would like to get the 28 workouts done and see what happens to my cycling, ultimately measured in FTP.

And a big tick to training today, that’s one down! 7c7817c2-08d6-4836-8c6c-4d2061ac9fb8

I was proper sweaty, but I like that. It means the endorphins are following! I’ve been struggling with what I think is a menopause issue of lack of energy, and I’m hoping that training more regularly will buy me more energy. It certainly has previously so it’s well worth a try.

Now I’m off to refuel with a gluten free bagel topped with scrambled eggs, and maybe a bit of avocado. And at least 1l of water!

Bring on Day 2!



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