Small Progress Is Big Progress & Smiling

Today was a big day for me. 4 weeks to the day since I started training with the lovely Kim, and had my statistics in terms of skin fold measurement and circumferences taken. Having avoided this for the past 18 months with The Trainer, I was really pleased at the time that I wasn’t bothered about the numbers. Today I was even excited about being remeasured. I have had a number of other things to deal with – work, study, general life – and I know I haven’t trained as much as I would have liked to.

So I was quite impressed with the fact that although I haven’t lost weight in the month, I have:

– loss of 1% body fat
– gained 4lbs of muscle
– biggest body fat loss of 2mm from both tummy and chest
– lost half an inch all over

So pretty small changes. Nothing very impressive at all really, but I am impressed with so much. I’m pleased that I could get measured and not obsess about the numbers. I’m thrilled that I got these results and rather than beat myself up about what might be a substandard result, I actually was pleased with them because they are in the right direction! It’s progress. Small progress, but progress nonetheless, and me being happy with this small progress is really rather big progress!

Today I had a PT session after a couple of weeks off, and it did me so much good. I did bench pressing and back squatting for pretty much the first time and I had great fun. Lifting heavy weights makes me feel badass. “Before” when I was self-conscious about just existing, I used to feel stupid doing the little hip dip in a push press. Today I was push pressing 15kg over my head for 3 sets of 12 with gusto, and really enjoying it.  The weight might not be all that big to many, but to many 15kg is super heavy to be throwing around. What I realised today is that the important thing about all this healthy lifestyle stuff is enjoying it. I don’t care if you think 15kg is heavy or light. I don’t care if you can squat deeper than me. I’m not bothered that my deadlift is puny compared to most. I’m not fussed that I look lumpy and red and flappy armed. I’m doing something that I love and happens to be good for me. Doesn’t matter if you’re into CrossFit or triathlon or zumba or swimming or powerlifting – enjoying it is the only factor that really matters! The true measure of the benefit of today’s PT session was that I smiled throughout it, and I didn’t stop smiling all day either!

Accept where you are, accept the progress you’re making and have fun!


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