The First Run…

The thought of being able to run 5k is really rather overwhelming, so I decided that all I need to do is complete one box of the training plan at a time. The first box consists of 15 intervals of 30 seconds of walking and 30 seconds of running. I made my first attempt on my way to my mates’ house at 8.20am this morning, but I lost count, my Heart Rate monitor wasn’t working and I forgot to start the GPS tracker. I think I did 8 intervals, then another 5 at the park at the top of her road. Unfortunately, only 370m of them were recorded, I got a stitch and I didn’t really like it very much.

Then, off we went to try Fast Track Fit Camp’s Sunday Wake Up session.

Squinting from the sun, good to be out though

Held in a local park, it was really nice to be able to exercise outside with the sun on my face. It was also fun to have someone to train with. A cardio class, it involved lots of jumping, squatting, burpees and planks for about 45 minutes. As I said to my friend, it’s not the sort of thing that I think I’m ever going to enjoy when I’m doing it, but I am glad that I did it. It does set you up well for the day. For one thing, I’m much less likely to eat rubbish the rest of the day knowing that I burpee’d and press-up’d and all sorts this morning. I’m definitely happier with weights than cardio, but understand I need both.

After the class, I was really keen to get this 15x 30/30 intervals done, and as well all know, if it’s not recorded on Endomondo/Strava/your app of choice then it didn’t happen. So I picked up my son, dropped off my mat (my first attempt included carrying a mat under my arm), set an interval timer on my phone, started the GPS tracker, and off I went.

The First run

So there are the stats in all their glory. Maybe one day I’ll look back and think how slow this was, or maybe I will still be having an average pace of 10.58/km in 6 weeks time, but what matters is that I started. I did this. Doesn’t matter if I get faster, slower, or stay the same. I made a start, I checked the box that said “do this today”, and that’s all I need to know.

My phone notified us that we had run a km in 10 minutes or so and my son pointed something out that helped me a lot: “Well, Mum, we know you can run a kilometre now, you’ve run past your 100m limit”. OK, so I’m run/walking but that’s alright, it’s still moving forwards. I’m sure that with some technique advice my walking intervals will lessen, but if they don’t, as long as I’m moving forwards, I’m happy.



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