In Which I Didn’t Die

Tonight saw me (bravely) turn up to my new running class/group, and even more excitingly saw me leave – not in an ambulance, at the end of the session, with everyone else having completed the task as set.

Tonight was a baseline session to see where we were over a kilometer. I didn’t manage to run the whole thing, and I have no way of knowing how much of it I did run, but I walked/ran a kilometre in 8 minutes 38 seconds. I have less than no idea whether that is good or not. I suspect it’s slow compared to the rest of the world, but it’s 8 minutes 38 seconds faster than anyone who thought about running tonight but couldn’t be bothered. I don’t have a way of knowing how much I ran and how much I walked which is a bit of shame, but I guess next time I repeat the trial if I’m quicker than I’ve ran more.

I was at the back the whole way, and there were moments of flashbacks to running at school and being at the back and then eventually the teacher telling me to stop bothering as they didn’t have time – but I tried to push these thoughts away and just get on with it.

The time is a personal best for me, so that’s something. There has been progress and I’m imagining that there’ll be more to come.

I joked that I don’t need a 0-5k running course, I need a 0-1k running group! But actually, that’s what I’ve got. There is no pressure. What if I can’t run 5k without stopping at the end of the weeks? I will have still progressed. I’ve progressed already just tonight because I’ve never even attempted to run 1km before. I wouldn’t have even tried, and tonight despite being totally scared, I did it. There’s no point putting pressure on anything, I’m just taking one session at a time, sticking to the program, and seeing what happens.

Already I’ve started to answer some of the questions I was worrying around:

  • What if I can’t keep up with the rest of the class? Then you keep going at your pace and don’t worry about it. 
  • What if the instructors decide I’m a lost cause and advise me to stick to swimming? They haven’t yet. 
  • I’m pretty sure that “conversational pace” is just called ‘walking’ for me! I managed to speak a few words whilst running so that’s conversation, right? 
  • I’m not fit enough to run 5k, 2k or even 1k. I can manage 100m today and that nearly kills me. I definitely ran 250m in one go tonight, then bits of the remaining 750m. I suspect I probably ran half of it. So now I can say “I can run 500m today”
  • I will jiggle in all the wrong places (are there any right places to jiggle?!): Yeah. That’s why I run at night haha! 

I’m looking forward to the training run that is scheduled, and I’m looking forward to next week, so that’s a great sign! And I met some nice people, had a chat and did something that’s good for me. Top Tuesday!


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