Run 5

Let’s start with the positives.

  1. Tonight I ran 500m without stopping which is the furthest I’ve ever run
  2. I could have gone further, my breathing and HR were very much under control
  3. I am 100% on track with the Elite Conditioning plan to get me running 5k
  4. I went out and did the run as scheduled despite being tired and not really feeling it
  5. This morning I got to swim after a few weeks’ out and I set a new 1km PB (Not running related but good nonetheless)

The way I managed to get my breathing under control, thus freeing up the potential for more distance was to SLOW DOWN. I mean, really slow. There was actually only 45 seconds/km different between my fast walk back from my last run and tonight. But, despite it being slow, the movement was still a running one and I was really pleased to have way more in me. I’m promised that speed will come later, and for now, I’m trusting the process.

I’m even fairly confident about the 1km out/back run next week – and given that 2 weeks ago I COULD NOT run 1km without stopping – that’s amazing progress.

Stupidly though, because my run on Tuesday felt so comfortable in the feet and legs, I didn’t foam roll at all and didn’t stretch as well as I could have. My calves and achilles have gradually tightened up over the past couple of days and I have to say, it was really uncomfortable to run tonight. It’s my own fault. I came home, stretched well and foam rolled, and whilst it isn’t glamorous or fun or nice, I just have to do it consistently so that I can keep running. If I want to enjoy the runs (yes), and get fitter and stronger and faster (yes), I have to do this. Could have kicked myself tonight, well, if my tight and neglected muscles would have let me!




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