True words…


A friend sent me this quote recently, and how true the words. I often feel doubtful, cripplingly so. I am frequently fearful and I often teeter on what seems like the edge of defeat.

Today  I ran / walked 5k. I set a baseline on which to improve, and I covered the distance.

These words echoed in my head as I slogged round the course.

I am too determined to be defeated.

I fight with self doubt constantly. Can I do it? Can I achieve what I have set out to achieve? Am I capable? Am I strong enough?

At the start of each run, I lengthen the walking warm up because I am scared to start running. I am fearful of something that is difficult for me. Of taking those first few steps.

But I have positivity – I’m out there doing it, and I am proud of myself for taking on each and every interval, and I’m even proud of the run intervals that I miss because I’m still moving forward regardless.

I have optimism. If I keep doing what I’m doing, training hard, specialist help, I will get to my destination.

And what I’ve always had in spades is determination. Defeat is not an option. The course might alter and I might take time to get there, but I will not be defeated.

Yes, I have doubt and fear. Don’t we all, just a little bit? But I also have positivity and optimism and determination, which, along with a decent pair of trainers, is all I need really.


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