Success isn’t always obvious

A few years ago, I hated walking. I mean, I would drive round and round a car park to get the closest spot to the door rather than have to walk across it. I would take the car for the shortest of journey. I really, really hated walking.

The Trainer used to say “You must have found things hard when you were bigger” and honestly, I felt offended. I didn’t ever think “Oooh this is hard because I am fat”. I just felt like me. Things felt just like they felt. I didn’t know any different so no, I never found things harder when I was bigger. Thanks for the judgement, but no, you were wrong.

Now, looking back I can see that I probably hated walking because I found it taxing. Probably because I was bigger. So maybe The Trainer was right. I don’t know. Maybe I just avoided walking because I could and I was lazy. Who knows really?

The other day I found myself with some time on my hands, so I went for a walk. WhatsApp-Image-20160515It started out as a geocaching expedition but my phone GPS wasn’t working so it turned just into a stroll. For 6.61km. 2 hours. Turns out there is a really nice circular walk around Finchampstead, with directions and maps posted online. It was really pleasant and I saw some lovely scenery. I found it quite liberating just following the footpath, not really knowing what was coming next. The weather was beautiful and there was peace and quiet, except for the twittering of birds. So lovely.

And half way round I realised. I didn’t hate walking. I was choosing to do it. For 6.61km. For fun. Because I can. The distanceĀ didn’t scare me. I knew it was a fair distance when I left and I still set off. I had no doubt that I would finish the walk, and of course I did.

There was farmland, woodland and mud, glorious mud.

And me, walking. Happily.

Sometimes we are so tied up with the obvious results. Can I run faster today? Can I get round a 5k without dying? Have I lost weight? Did I eat the right macros? Did I train enough today? Will I train enough tomorrow? Have my skinfold tests gone the right way?

Sometimes we are so tied up with the obvious measures of success that we fail to see the great big massive wins that are staring us right in the face!

I hated walking and now I choose 6.61km for fun. I’d call that a win.

Look out for your successes, obvious or not.




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