Run 3 – A Very Important Day!

Run 3 – Run/Walk for 30 minutes

Total Time: 30 minutes 50 seconds

Total Distance Travelled: 3.32km

Distance Run: 2.31 km (21 minutes)

Distance Walked: 1.01 km

Overall average pace: 9.16 mins/km

Average run pace: 8.33 for the first km … after that my phone doesn’t really report it

Average cadence: 132 spm

Average heart rate: 158 bpm

General impression: I AM SO PROUD OF MYSELF!!! I have never run without the aid of intervals. It seems easier when you have to just keep going until the lady says stop. When I hear “run as much as you can”, my inner voice says “But I can’t run!”. I was pretty sure that I would stop quicker without the intervals than with.

However, it all went so very differently.

First of all, before I headed out for this run I spent time stretching, and considerable time foam rolling. I didn’t foam roll my right quad because I was getting a bit bored by then and time was passing … Anyway, I set my phone to tell me when 100m had passed, and I started running. I was surprised how quickly the 100m reminders were coming and I got to about 600m before starting to think I’d quite like to stop for a walk break. At this point I set myself goals of “Once I get to that house down there I can stop” but then when I got there it was ticking ever closer to the 1km without stopping, and I was so motivated to push on and keep going.

Run 3 data

Achievement 1: I ran 1km without stopping to walk which I have never done before. I did it in 8 mins 33 secs. That means I ran for 8 and a half minutes!! Wow.

I set a goal a little while ago to run 1 mile in 15 minutes without stopping. Knowing that I’d done the 1km, I allowed myself a 200m walk break. I had read that heart rate was a good way of knowing how much recovery you needed, so I walked until my heart got to 140bpm which is 73% of max. Whilst running it was about 89% of max. Anyway, I really wanted to see if I could get under the 15 minute mile, so I set off running again and I was so happy when the phone told me I’d run 1.6km in 14 minutes 17 seconds!!!

Achievement 2: I ran 1 mile in less than 15 minutes, with only one walking break!

Really interesting psychology here – because I was so chuffed that I’d smashed two goals I really struggled to get going again – I took a 400m walking break – but then once I started again, I relaxed into it because I had already achieved so much. I was just listening to my music and was surprised how easy it was to keep going until the 30 minutes were up.

Achievement 3: For some of the run, both glutes were definitely firing (read: killing me). For someone with a glute that has forgotten what it is, this is a real win.

Achievement 4: Pain free! Over the course of the day, my right knee has felt a bit achy – that was the quad that I didn’t foam roll pre-run. Goes to show that that stuff, though painful and boring and time consuming really does make a difference! I must remember this.

Run 3

So here we go. Those rosettes are “personal records” so I broke new ground today on all 4 tests!!

Today is also a year since I took on the Blenheim Palace Triathlon. I’m very pleased that I’ve kept going. Yes, I have had some challenges – mostly a major operation and two new jobs in the past six months – but I’m still at it, out there, trying hard and having fun. My fitness journey is heading into it’s second year. When I started training, a lady in the gym (and The Trainer) said “When people work as hard as you are at the start, they don’t last…” Well, two years later on I think I can safely say I lasted, and still am.

Today was the first time I started to believe that I will be able to run a 5k without stopping at some point in the not too distant future, and it’s a great feeling. I’m excited about the training to come!



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