Run 4

Run 3 -5 minutes each WU/CD; Run 2 minutes Walk 1 minute x 7

Total Time: 29 minutes 56 seconds

Total Distance Travelled: 2.73km

Distance Run: 1.42 km

Distance Walked: 1.31 km

Overall average pace: 10.57 mins/km

Average run pace: 8.51 mins/km

Average cadence: 111 spm

Average heart rate: 136 bpm

General impression: Not my favourite run.

  • Cadence off the magical 160 I used to be able to do, not sure what’s happened there!
  • Stride length up from 0.73 to 0.81m
  • Struggled to complete the full 2 minutes.
  • Set my app to tell me when I was half way through the interval, along with my pace, and I think that put me off. I think I much prefer to just run until the lady says stop. Hearing her tell me I was half way through and still had the same to do again did not help!
  • Didn’t stretch or foam roll before I went out. Mistake. My achilles was already tight. Now I’m aching in all kind of places so going to hit the foam roller. But – who has time for a 30 minute stretch and roll before every run? Will it ever get better and not need this constant attention?
  • Eeesh.
  • It’s a year today since I completed the Blenheim Palace triathlon, and I’m very happy that I’m still at it. Even if slowly with rubbish cadence!

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