Run 5

Run 5 –    5 minutes each WU/CD; Run 2 minutes Walk 1 minute x 7

Total Time: 30 minutes 48 seconds

Total Distance Travelled: 3.13 km

Distance Run: 1.49 km

Distance Walked: 1.64 km

Overall average pace: 9.51 mins/km

Average run pace: 8.75 mins/km

Average cadence: 112 spm

Average heart rate: 150 bpm

General impression: Great news. Tonight was the first night in EVER that I have felt in control of “cycling my feet” and actively running. This resulted in a faster run than I’ve previously been used to – in fact my average pace was more than a minute quicker than last time out. The pictures below show the difference.


Trouble was, I struggled to keep my breathing under control for long enough to complete the two minute intervals. On most of them I lasted about 1 min 45 seconds. To get round 5k I need form AND fitness! When will I get both?

Patience, I think, is key. And in the meantime, I got a PB on my 1km time so I’ll take the wins where I can thank you very much!

Best distances run 5


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