Run 7 – First One Back

Run 7 – 5 mins wu/cd, 3 mins run 1 min walk

Total Time: 36 minutes

Total Distance Travelled: 2.90km

Distance Run: 1.92 km

Distance Walked:0.98 km

Overall average pace: 12.23 mins/km

Average run pace: 10.1 mins/km

Average cadence: 121 spm

Average heart rate: 148 bpm

General impression: This was my first run out post self-inflicted calf injury. I took 8 days of complete rest and this is one of the things that has changed post PMDD. Before, I would have pushed through and rushed back, desperate from a sense of not being good enough without achieving something. But now I really care about learning to run and I didn’t want to set myself back, so I didn’t rush. It was hard not to venture out sooner, but I knew deep down I wasn’t ready.

The calf was fine, so I obviously rested enough.

The thought of 3 minutes of running had been completely ridiculous to me, but I also knew that I’d previously run for 8.32 minutes before. Andy advised that pace was key, and I should run at my 1km pace (or close to it) so that I could sustain the distance/time. I set my phone to notify me of my pace every so often, and Andy was indeed correct, it made all the difference. The intervals were very doable, I mean I was sweating and working hard, but it was doable.

I also had a new running partner, our new family pet Diesel. That took my mind of the intervals a bit, and I was able to check my breathing by making sure I could talk to the dog the whole way round.

It was good to be back!


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