Run 10

Run 10 – 5 mins wu/cd, 5 mins run 1 min walk

Total Time: 33 minutes

Total Distance Travelled: 3.08km

Distance Run: 2.08 km

Distance Walked:1 km

Overall average pace: 10.46 mins/km

Average run pace: 9.3 mins/km

Average cadence: 127 spm

Average heart rate: 151 bpm

General impression: Was thinking of skipping a week and catching up with the rest of the ladies on my course, but decided to stick to the program instead. Glad I did, this was doable but tough. I felt that my form was sloppy, but at least I was able to think about it and correct where I could. My legs felt heavy and certainly slow, though cadence on the runs was just under the 150 which is my normal, so not that bad.

I was not elated by this run by any means, but I am glad I did it. That’s the main thing. I did it. As much as the 5 minutes felt like quite a long time, the rest felt like a very short time, so I actually ran for 20 minutes with just 3 short walk breaks. It’s the same data and performance, but looking at it like that – there is just 3 minutes separating me from running for 20 minutes non stop – seems more positive!

During the run I was definitely thinking that next weeks program of 3 x 8 minutes with 90  minutes rest was going to be impossible, but actually it’s only 4 more minutes running and the same amount of rest, and I have another 5 minute interval session this week that will prepare me for that, so I’m feeling OK about it. And it’s another week anyway so not to be worried about now.

Confession time: I have not been stretching or rolling for a couple of weeks. Not sure why, apart from a lack of time and a bit of self-sabotage. I can really feel it in my calfs though so I am about to have a date with a foam roller. I really care about being able to run, and my stupidity in  not stretching/rolling is not going to stop me – so do it I must. I know I feel better and run better when I do it, so I’m on it.


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