Run 13 – Saturday Dinton Fun

Run 13 – Run as much as possible. Set up intervals of 800m / 200m but never managed the full 800m.

Total Time: 42.11 minutes

Total Distance Travelled: 4.33km

Distance Run: About 3km

Distance Walked: About 1.33km

Overall average pace: 9.44 mins/km

Average run pace: ???

Average cadence: 125spm

Average heart rate: 167 bpm

General impression: Having experienced anxiety in group running situations previously, I was nervous about today. I agreed that I would start with the group but run my own run and if I didn’t see them at the end, so be it. This really helped, because although I still had the same negative voices during the run, at least there wasn’t the pressure of how useless I was compared to the others.

I set my app for intervals of 800m run / 200m walk but I found that quite hard to stick to, and I walked a little bit in the middle of the run interval. It felt like I walked quite a lot, but actually on paper it was in many ways one of my best runs with a new PB for a mile, and a new PB for 3k.

this is lisa

My head tells me lies. Ridiculous. I will take note to stop listening.

On the run I made a concerted effort to “bend the legs more” and noticed that it (a) felt more powerful and (b) felt faster. My lungs didn’t necessarily like it, but hey ho!

I also compared this run to 14 days ago when we were last at Dinton and there is definite progress.

In 14 days, that isn’t too bad – and anyway, regardless it is a sign that if I keep trying and training and running and going then I will continue to make progress.




And I managed to complete MOST of the 5k route, so at least I can worry a bit less about getting lost on the night hahaha!

5k route vs me



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