Run 14 & 15 – Breakthroughs…

Run 14 – 5 minute WU, 2 x 15 minute run with 2 min walk in between, 5 minute CD.

Total Time: 42.24 minutes

Total Distance Travelled: 3.66km

Distance Run: 3.07km

Distance Walked: 0.59km

Overall average pace: 11.35 mins/km

Average run pace: 9.46 mins/km

Average cadence: 114spm

Average heart rate: 158 bpm

General impression: I’m writing this blog a little after the event but I distinctly remember being proud of this run. This was the one on which I realised Something Important. The course I am on was advertised as a 0 to 5k program, but it only builds up to running 30 minutes uninterrupted. Now, I do not have that kind of speed within me, so in reality, this is NOT going to be a 0 to 5k program. It is a 0 to 30 minutes program, and I am perfectly on track to achieve it. In 30 minutes I will be able to run roughly 3km. I’m alright about that, because to build from NOTHING to 30 minutes in about 8 weeks is pretty good. With more time I’ll be able to build up to 35, 40, 45, 50 minutes, and I will also get faster with practice, so eventually I’ll get to the 5k uninterrupted, but it will not happen as part of this course.

I can’t say how much better I’ve felt since I realised this! Resetting the goal to “run 30 minutes uninterrupted” has really helped, and given that during this run I ran 30 minutes with only a 2 minute break in the middle, I’m not that far away from it.

I “enjoyed” this run … well, the word enjoyed is a touch strong because during the run I feel rubbish, slow and draggy. But there are other ways to measure enjoyment, and on this run my silly negative head shut up and I didn’t really think about too much. I got into the music that was playing and I enjoyed having Diesel to run with, except for when he stopped directly in front of me and nearly tripped me up!! And, like childbirth, a good run is not nice on the during but soon forgotten with the ensuing endorphin rush! This was the first run that I’ve felt compelled to post to my Facebook status, so I must have been proud of it.

Another thing was that there were a few steps in this run that felt light and bouncy and powerful. I could feel the power under my feet. This is something I’ve never really experienced before but it is coming. As Andy had explained, you have to do something at least 5000 times for it to really sink in, and I maybe got 50 of the 3000 steps in this run right. It was encouraging and a sign that it will come, with time and practice. Just got to get the time on my feet.

This may well have been a turning point for my experience in this course, certainly a welcome break anyway.


Run 15 – 5 minute WU, 2 x 15 minute run with 2 min walk in between, 5 minute CD

Total Time: 44 minutes 35 seconds

Total Distance Travelled: 3.15km

Distance Run: 2.96km

Distance Walked: 0.19km

Overall average pace: 14.10 mins/km

Average run pace: 9.23 mins/km

Average cadence: 101 spm

Average heart rate: 145bpm

General impression: My first treadmill run as part of this program. It was too hot outside to run, so I headed to my works gym where I thought it would be cooler. Sadly, I seem to have chosen the treadmill that was missed by the AC so I was dripping in sweat pretty quickly. I found the treadmill quite tough for a couple of reasons:

  1. Pace is constant, and I set it at 10.00 mins/km. It doesn’t vary and you don’t get to rest a little whilst the dog sniffs, or you just slow down a touch. Half way through the first 15 minutes I slowed the pace a little, and then I broke the last 15 minutes into 3 sets of 5, with actual walking for 30 seconds in between each one. 30 seconds doesn’t seem like long enough to really class as a break, but it was all I needed to get going again.
  2. Seeing the time … to be fair, minutes do seem to go quite quickly in running land (at least they do now I’ve been on this course, so maybe that’s a really good sign) BUT watching them was distracting and offputting. Something easier about hearing the lady tell you you’ve done another minute than seeing it count down. I think it’s because with Endomondo, I hear the lady tell me “you’ve run 1 minute” or “you’ve run 8 minutes” so it builds up which is motivating, I want to keep going to hear the number getting bigger. On this treadmill it counted down so when I started the second section at 18 minutes, it felt like a very long way away from the 3 minutes that I knew I could stop at.

I also discovered that our work showers/changing areas are communal (but single sex) and I am not sure about nudity at work if I’m honest. I’ve come such a long way and I am way more happy with my body now, so I actually don’t mind communal changing – but I did keep thinking “one day I might be training you in a classroom, do I really want you to know what I look like naked?”. The jury is out. I wasn’t horrified but wasn’t entirely happy either.

Oh, and I continue to put weight on. Partly I attribute this to a lack of testosterone and the menopause but mostly I attribute it to eating too much crap. The strictness that came with PMDD has gone and I’ve found a balance whereby I can eat a bit of cake without it invoking absolute self-hatred. Unfortunately, it’s very easy for this to turn into a bit of cake, a bag of crisps, a bit of chocolate. I am also not training for an hour or more every day. I am running for 30 minutes 3 times a week. I don’t know if or how I see this changing, what with my job that I am actually enjoying and want to be at. I think an honest food diary and exercise diary will really help, but I also need to accept that I don’t want to train 5 times a week for an hour each time, and I do want to eat the occasional thing that might not be as clean as it could be. This has it’s consequences, and as long as I slow down the weight gain and even start to slowly reverse it, I’ll be happy.



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