Post course reflections

Well, the last class of the 0-5k Beginners Running course with the wizardly Andy of The Fitness Clinic is done, and I am no longer a student. There is the small matter of a 5k race at our local country park on August 11th, but then that’s it. Good time to reflect.

I did some of that reflection this morning, when, despite my chesty cold and hacking cough, I set out for a run. I decided to do 5x 1k intervals with 200m walking breaks in between. So I ran 5k, just not all in one go. Given my less than ideal breathing condition, I thought this was a good achievement. Took me 1 hour and 9 minutes, but that is still faster than anyone sitting on the sofa.

I passed a older gentleman this morning, shuffling along with his aged labrador. As I jogged past, he said “I wish I could do that”. My immediate response out of my mouth was “I wish I could do it better” but his encouragement put a spring in my step and I figured that he saw a lady, running with her dog. That makes me a runner then! Thank you, old man with labrador.

Rather than thinking about how far I have to go – like the small matter of 19 minutes off my 5k time to meet Andy’s target of 50 minutes – I spent a fair amount of time thinking about how far I have come.

A while ago I did a 1km time trial with Elite Conditioning. It took me 8.37 but I walked a fair amount of it. The thought of running 1km without stopping was just preposterous, and the concept of doing it pain free even more ridiculous!

Since then, I have:

  • Run 1km non stop (8.33)
  • Run a mile non stop
  • Run 2.77km non stop
  • Run 5.9km – 1km intervals don’t frighten me any more
  • Enjoyed a number of training runs – running is fun, not painful
  • Tired out the dog on a number of runs
  • Noticed that my form is getting better, steps springier and legs higher behind me

I may, or may not, meet Andy’s 50 minute target on August 11th. But given the progress already made, I’m pretty sure I will one day soon. I’m certain I won’t stop until I do achieve it anyway.

I’m not sure what happens next with my physical development. I’m missing weights and burpees, but I’m enjoying running and the fact that it fits in to any little crevice of time that I might have. The new job is taking up a lot of time and focus, so exercise isn’t my top priority, but I do have to find a nice balance because I still have weight to lose. I’m going to try really hard to get my nutrition right, and maybe that is what this blog will focus on for a while, who knows.




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