Crossfit Week 1

So my intent to return to Crossfit before Christmas didn’t pan out, but no way was I going to head into 2017 without heading back. And this week I did so the 100 days are go!

So here is what I got up to in my first week back at Crossfit …


I know! How flipping cool is this. There is so little that this place has in common with a regular gym and – despite it being blinking HARD and my lack of self-belief and all of that stuff – I have really enjoyed this week.

whatsapp-image-2017-01-07-at-19-55-34-2I mean, I carried a yoke! With 60kg on it! I walked up and down with it on my back! I know!!

I pushed a man on a sled. Not sure how much he weighed – maybe 70kg? But he was also sitting on a 20kg plate so I reckon I pushed somewhere near to 100kg. That sled was such good fun, and something I’ve wanted to try for ages.

I also added 7kg to my previous 1 rep max deadlift – meaning I can now lift 75kg. Ultimately I want to break 100kg but my next stop is going to be 80kg. I reckon if I had used smaller plates and gone up from 75kg to 76kg etc I would have got a bit more. No rush anyway.

So what a fun week! I did a standard Crossfit session, a hybrid class (strength, core and rowing), an ESP (explosive strength and power) session, and then a Strongman training session today. In what other gym would you get so much variety?!

A couple of things have struck me about my first week at Crossfit. Mostly, THE COMMUNITY. I’d arranged to meet a chap there for our first session of the New Year on Tuesday morning, but he didn’t turn up. Before I’d even finished the class he’d messaged me to say that he’d hurt his back and couldn’t make it. Now I’ve met him a couple of times at the box before, but so sweet to let me know why he couldn’t make it. The next day I did hybrid, during which I fulfilled my sled pushing dream, and post session I had a couple of messages on social media saying “You rocked” or “You did really well today”. These people don’t really know me so to express such encouragement I thought was just lovely. The thing is, everyone is there for different reasons and everyone has their own struggles and demons and challenges but ultimately everyone is just trying to be a bit better and they’ve all been new once.

Secondly, the difference in me.

Now, during ESP I was struggling with a bit of a sore knee and I don’t really like Olympic lifting because I don’t think I’ve got anywhere near great technique. My mind got the best of me and I had a stinky attitude. I was also tired as it was my 3rd day of training on the go. I also finished both the Tuesday and Wednesday session thinking that I could have done better, could have done a few more reps and I hadn’t worked my hardest, but the DOMS that set in on Tuesday and intensified into Wednesday confirmed that I had, in fact, worked hard! And I don’t think you have to work your hardest – I just think you have to work hard. What that looks like will change over time, and in my head I can do so much more than my body actually can, so I need to remember to be kinder to myself.

So somethings aren’t really that different, but there is something about the environment that has helped me develop a bit. I never used to like being in photographs and I certainly hated looking at them. So it was unusual on Wednesday to ask the guys to take my photo when I was doing the sled push. And today I asked for photos when I was doing my yoke carrying. I just think I’m doing cool stuff and I’d be sad if I didn’t have something to look back on to see how far I’ve come. The fundamental difference – before I used to focus on how my body looked, and now I’m focussing on what my body is doing. My body will get smaller and tighter as I pick my clean eating and training again, but it’s doing really cool things right now and why wouldn’t I was to record that?

So 5 hours of training done, week 1 complete – bring on week 2.




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