CrossFit Week 2 & The London Winter Walk

I’m still at it!! Week 2 proved a little more challenging since I was out of the office on Monday and Tuesday, so I missed my Tuesday morning WOD.

Still made it to hybrid on Wednesday morning and managed to bag myself a 12 second 2k rowing time. I was really chuffed with that! I’m aiming to get down to sub-10 minutes (9.59 will be fine!) and I’m currently at 10.41 so a little way to go but not unimaginable.

I skipped ESP on Thursday thanks to a shockingly busy day at work and poor nutrition, plus not really enjoying the first session put me off a bit. I was sad though because I heard that it was a bench press session which I would have loved, so I must get myself back to that class!

Saturday morning featured another Strongman class … this time we were playing with the log, which isn’t actually a log at all it’s a big old bit of metal! I could manage to get the small one cleaned up to a rack position, but really struggled with the push press. Was not using anywhere near like enough leg power. Something to work on. I was surprised at how pleased I was with the session despite not necessarily getting to where I might have liked. At the end of the day I’ve never lifted a great big log type thing before, so I was pleased to just be able to clean it to front rack anyway. The press will come with time. It was great fun, and an hour went really quickly.

So, week 2 done and I’m still happy!

The major training event of this week was The London Winter Walk – a 20k walk along the Thames Path. I was doing the walk as training for a 23k London Bridges trek in September that I’m doing to raise money for The Roy Castle Lung Cancer Foundation. The day started early at 6am, and it was very cold and wet. It didn’t brighten up, and I was already drenched at the start line! whatsapp-image-2017-01-15-at-16-32-48-2

The event was really well organised, and I was happy to get a bobble hat and neck buff, plus a very important poncho to keep the rain off (not that it did!). The signage was perfect, and the food at the rest stop was brilliant – fruit, haribo (yum), biscuits, tea, coffee, energy bars and gels. I will definitely do this event again next year. At the end of the walk was a hot buffet and a nice medal – but I never got that far.

Here I was at about 6km, very wet but smiling and chatting to a Trek Master – thanks for the company Michelle! 

In pretty amazing news, and as a massive reminder to be grateful for my cured-ness, I didn’t finish the event BUT I AM FINE ABOUT IT.

This was my first ever DNF, and previously would have had dire consequences, but look at my face just before I pulled out, or actually was medically retired which sounds better! whatsapp-image-2017-01-15-at-16-32-48-1

I made it to the rest stop at 10.6km, and my right foot was really playing up. It had been all week, my old plantar fasciatis has been raising it’s ugly head again. I had started limping a bit by this point, so I asked a Doctor (such a well organised event with lots of medical staff at the rest stop) who said if I wouldn’t be massively disappointed to not finish, I really should stop or risk a much longer recovery time, and potentially damaging the foot. It wasn’t a hard decision, I was cold and wet and really pleased that I got as far as I did on such a miserable day. I managed to get a train home and was seriously limping by the time I alighted, so no way could I have finished the event. I was a bit sad when I started seeing the medal photos on Facebook, but hey ho, I gave it my best shot and it was a training event for September anyway, so it did it’s job.

You may recall an earlier post in which I talked about the Improvement Kata thinking that I’ve been doing for work. Part of that says just try the process as if it were already at the target condition, and that will tell you what obstacles lie in your way. So I thought I’d try to walk 20k and if I didn’t finish it I would learn a lot that I couldn’t have learned without trying. So I learned that very unsupportive shoes and no insoles are a terrible idea for me. I learned that a regular coat and jeans are not suitable clothing for trekking in inclement weather.

Really wet! 

I learned that going to a birthday party the night before and not getting more than 5 hours sleep was a silly thing to do too. So these are all things I need to address before my next event in September, which is great to know about them! However, I also learned that I really enjoyed the walk with my headphones on, just thinking and singing along in my head. I learned that my head has made significant improvements and didn’t get in my way, it did a good job of staying positive for me. Great job head!

I have also gathered some data – obviously that is what I would do, me being me. I did a 10km walk before, in April 2015 and I was significantly quicker than than now.


My 5k today was 7 minutes slower than 2015, and my 10k 8 minutes slower. But you know what, in April 2015 I was about 10kg lighter than I am today and I was training consistently 6 days a week. (I also did not do that 10k in the pouring rain on a cold January morning!)

To some extent I sort of regret that I’ve slipped back. But the important thing isn’t the slipping back, it’s the stopping the trend and getting back to it. I’m a complete newbie at CrossFit, I’ve lost fitness and strength and I’ve gained weight.

But that’s alright. Overall, I’m still further forward than I was … when I started training in 2014 all I could do every day was walk for 30 minutes (about 2k) on a treadmill, and row 500m. That is what The Trainer set for me and it was probably my limit. And so I’m starting again, but I’m hitting the start of this part of the journey with log lifting and 11k walks. My rowing is not 500m, it’s 3000m without too much trouble. Progress, and I’ll get back to where I was – except I’ll be so much healthier in all aspects and much more balanced. I’ll take it.

In case you’d like to support my chosen charity, The Roy Castle Lung Cancer Foundation, you can donate here: DO A GOOD THING!!!


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