CrossFit Week 3

Day 20, one fifth of my 100 days gone! And my third week.

16265711_10212531606304560_8455347939823209897_nThis week, I mostly lifted stuff and had fun. It was possibly my bestest week at CrossFit so far, maybe I’m settling in a bit better (despite looking very serious in this picture!)

Tuesday I did an open gym session with one of the lovely chaps there. One of the most amazing things about the gym is the fact that you never need to be alone if you don’t want to be. Alternatively it’s quite easy to do your own thing if that’s what you fancy. We checked over my rowing technique and did a short interval set before heading over to do ab mat wall ball sit ups and presses. I used a 15kg bar and completed 3 rounds of 20 reps each – so 60 sit ups and 60 presses. It was tough. But not as bad as the DOMS that started the next afternoon, and intensified into the following day! Having been sure I didn’t have abs they certainly made themselves known! There was nothing fancy about this workout but as I said to my other half, there is no way I would have done it in a “normal gym”, mostly because I wouldn’t have felt confident enough alone.

whatsapp-image-2017-01-22-at-16-41-44-1ESP was on Thursday and after a tough time the first time I tried it I was a bit nervous. No need, this session was so much fun! We were doing 5 x 10 of strict presses. I started with 15kg, then stuck an extra 10kg on to make 25kg. I forgot that there were smaller weights I could have used to build the weight more slowly but I got through them anyway. Then it was up to 27.5kg. My partner and I didn’t get further than that, but still 30 reps. Some accessory work, then it was the WOD which was such good fun. As another lady said “That is my sort of WOD, nothing technical”. I was frightened of the wall ball throw sit ups after my couple of days of abs DOMs but they were fine. It was SUCH good fun!

16195213_10155046435252642_4541172323633390935_nSunday was Strongman, and I did 60kg farmer walks. They were so hard and properly tested my mental and physical strength, but I got it done. At one point I had managed to get up the walkway, but had to get back. I felt so tired and was sure I couldn’t even pick up the bars to get back. I so just wanted to walk back but Coach wouldn’t let me. I needed to get angry with it, so I put my hood up and gave a raaaah before making it back with them. I kind of hated Coach for making me do it at the time, but such a good lesson that you can’t just give up. My head gave up quicker than my body today, but my body was also pretty tired!

I was very happy to be able to take my lad along with me today. He went to CrossFit Kids whilst I did Strongman. 16114896_10212531606224558_6218819305719647695_nHere we are rocking our bobble hats! So cool that Mum and Son can train together, and I do believe that CrossFit will teach us both important things about doing stuff that is hard and not giving up.

Thanks to some amazing support from a Coach I also got back on my clean eating ways. I’m so relieved that I don’t have to have that iron grip that I had whilst I was ill, but I have swung the other way and been eating just whatever I wanted. It’s not like I don’t know what good looks like, but I hadn’t been forcing myself to do it and for some weird reason just couldn’t get back into it. The chat with Coach was obviously the thing I needed to kick me back into gear. Friday was the first day of it. I included coconut oil in my morning porridge, and added in two snacks, and OhMyWord I felt so good. It’s been such a long time since I wasn’t starving at about 4pm and shovelling sugar in. I felt balanced and satisfied and in control.

16215842_10212532516367311_1080042207_n I’ve prepped my lunches for the week. I’m taking a balance between convenience and cleanliness, so I’m using things like Maggi So Juicy sauces for the chicken. I mean, I could avoid them but I’d be much less likely to eat the meal then which defeats the object!! I’m pleased to have some carbs in the diet, and for “microwave rice” not to be a swear word! I’m feeling good and looking forward to seeing the outcome of my first full week of being back at it.

A few highlights from my third week at CrossFit:

  1. I’ve started wanting to go more which must be a good sign!
  2. I felt strong and accomplished with those presses in ESP, I LOVED that session and I met a lovely lady who was great to work with, a new friend!
  3. I’d kind of started to think that I was destined to lead a life of obesity, and that the weight I’d lost previously was purely because of PMDD and that I’d never be able to repeat that achievement. But having had 3 good days of food I can see that it’s totally possible, and it should be more fun this time round!


Three sessions done this week and I’m still struggling to balance tiredness of getting up at 5.15am to train with going frequently. I’m going to try to attend a couple more normal CrossFit WODs this next week. I’d been deliberately sticking to sessions that I would enjoy more – hybrid, ESP, strongman – but there is really nothing stopping me doing the standard CrossFit sessions so that is what I’ll look at this week.

All in all, good stuff and looking forward to Week 4!


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