Crossfit Week 6

And my 6th week at Crossfit didn’t really feature any Crossfit! I did learn lessons though, so at least I have something to write about.

I made such a rookie error that ultimately led to a Crossfit free week, and I shall not be doing that again. A friend from the box posted on Facebook saying how hard the workout was that day. My fatal error was asking him what the workout was. When I heard it was 50, 40, 30, 20, 10 wall balls and sit ups. 150 reps of each for a total of 300. I was booked onto the 20:15 class, but knowing what the session was freaked me right out and I cancelled off it, having convinced myself that I was too tired, too unfit, too hard a day at work, too weak, too intimidated by the high numbers, too hurty in the knees. All completely and utterly rubbish excuses!

Having missed the Tuesday class, and felt quite bad about it, it seemed too easy to cancel off the next session too.

And that’s how my two scheduled Crossfit classes of the week did not happen. Grump.

So, following a trip up North for a family funeral, and having done my weekly weigh in and NOT liked the results, I was booked onto the Saturday gymnastics class. Now, my last memory of gymnastics is from school and making up rubbish excuses to not attend. Big toe problems and a weekly period were my go-to’s as far as I recall. But I like the Coach of this class (Pike, I’m looking at you), and I know that he’s really great at providing alternatives for any movements I can’t do (many).

It had this result:

A 6 min AMRAP of standing pull ups, squats and burpees will do that to you

Smiles! I’m not sure that gymnastics will ever be my first love, but it must have been good for me. We worked on pull ups, hand stands and did some L-sit stuff. I am on the most basic of all basic progressions, but actually no one cares. It’s all work, and that’s all that matters.

Facebook reminded me today that two years ago I was starting my first Crossfit Foundations class, having decided to have a go “even though Crossfit is ridiculously stupidly hard”. I remember thinking then that Crossfit was for the fit people, the thin people, the confident people.

I was struck in today’s class by how – really – Crossfit is the perfect environment for EXACTLY THE OPPOSITE of those people. It’s the perfect environment for unfit, wobbly, nervous, shy me.


Because I walked in today and a lady that I’d only ever talked to on Facebook before came running over and hugged me saying “It’s so good to meet you in person at last.”. Who doesn’t need more hugs in their life?

Because I didn’t bother doing my hair, I wore a hat that probably looked quite silly, and I flashed my belly and back with every burpee – and no one cared. I don’t think I’ve ever felt quite as comfortable with how I look as I do now.

Crossfit hattage

Because I’m making progress all the time. Today I got one breeze block further up the wall on my wall walks and I held my body up for 20 seconds on an L sit – OK, so I wasn’t L-shaped in the slightest but it’s all progress.

Because, as someone haunted by being last to be picked for games at school, everyone is super smiley and happy when you ask them to pair up with you. And my Facebook friends list is growing all the time, so I’m surrounded with their awesome inspiration and just genuinely niceness.

Because I was inspired today by someone who said “I don’t know if I can do this, but I would really like to try”. The trying is as much respected as the achieving. whatsapp-image-2017-02-11-at-19-49-51-5

Because the coaches are available and approachable, and the classes usually never have more than 16 in them so you are known as a person and you can ask all the stupid questions you can think of.

I saw online a quote that said “Crossfit isn’t for everybody. But it is for anybody.” It’s true, and I’m really enjoying finding that out.



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